03 Isofan marine 2K basecoat prof.

2K metallic, pearl of solid basecoat om na te behandelen met blanke lak uit het ISOFAN MARINE-assortiment. Geformuleerd met polyesterharsen gemodificeerd met celluloseacetaatbutyraat, verzekert een uitmuntende verwerkbaarheid de hoogste weersbestendigheid door de nabehandeling met blanke lakken van het ISOFAN MARINE-assortiment. De bijzonder langzame droging en de oplosmiddelen die de verdamping in evenwicht houden, maken de formulering geschikt voor het aanbrengen van grote oppervlakken en bevorderen een goede homogenisatie. Dit maakt deze basecoat vooral geschikt voor professionele projecten op het gebied van yachting en superjachten.

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2K metallic, pearl or solid basecoat to overcoat with clearcoat of the yachting field. Formulated with polyester resins modified with cellulose acetate butyrate, assures the highest weather resistance and workability through the overcoating of clearcoats of the ISOFAN MARINE range. The especially slow drying and the solvents balanced evaporation make the formulation suitable for the application of large surfaces and favour good homogeneisation. This makes this basecoat especially suitable for professional overcoating in the yachting and super yachting field.


Available in the standard colours of Yachting Colour Master pastel and effect and Yachting effect colour selection pastel and effect. To minimise the contrast it is recommended to use the coloured undercoats of the series Undercoat ISM9. It is essential to follow this suggestion to achieve the desired colour point in the following cases:    SM6E001 Hologram**      Black undercoat SU4070 SM6E003 Cyan red iridescent**     Black undercoat SU4070 SM6E005 Red gold iridescent**      Black undercoat SU4070 SM6E007 Imperial gold iridescent**     Black undercoat SU4070 SM6E011 Sparkling black      Black undercoat SU4070 SM6E009 Sparkling white      White undercoat SU4000 SM6E012 Sparkling bordeaux      White undercoat SU4000 SM6E099 Silver harrow *      glossy black (colour SG723)

*NOTE: Silver harrow is a special ready for use colour. No catalysis nor thinning is required. **Being special colours, they are not recommended on large Surfaces.

The colour references Yachting effect colour selection pastel and effect are to be considered as indicative references. Prior to painting it is essential to spray a reference spray-out card to submit to the customer for approval.   


· Easy application · Excellent overspray absorption (suitable for large surfaces) · Excellent durability against the marine environment (when using ISOFAN MARINE clearcoats) · High covering power · High coverage

Substrate preparation:

Stoppani polyurethane undercoats  Dry sanding with P 320-400 paper


By spray with traditional spray gun, HVLP or airmix 

Application conditions:

- Relative humidity < 80% - Temperature >10 °C <35°C - Substrate temperature 5°C > dew point

Mixing ratio:      

volume   weight SM690 ISOFAN MARINE 2K BASECOAT PROF. (mixed colours) ..... A 1000 ml 1000 g
SM00630 ISOFAN MARINE BASECOAT HARDENER ...................... B 200 ml 200 g
SM00780 ISOFAN MARINE SLOW THINNER  SM00700 ISOFAN MARINE STANDARD THINNER SM00715 ISOFAN MARINE FAST THINNER .................................... C 400-600 ml 400-600 g

At temperatures above 25°C and for applications of large surfaces when more painters are involved (f.i. Superyacht), it is recommended to replace a part of SM00780 ISOFAN MARINE SLOW THINNER with SM00720 ISOFAN MARINE RETARDANT until a max. 1:1 mixing ratio, in order to help the overspray absorption.

Spray viscosity:

Ford Cup 4: 14-16 sec. Pot life : 6 h at 20°C Ø conventional air cap and HVLP: 1,2-1,3 mm     Pressure: 3,5 – 4 Atm HVLP: 2 – 2,5 Atm N° of coats 2* (before applying the clearcoat apply a mist-coat on the surface in order to improve its homogeneity) Recommended film thickness:     20-40 µ dry  Interval between the coats: min 30’ max. 18h at 20°C Theoretical coverage mix A+B: 12.9 m2  for 1 l mixture at 30 µ Solids content by volume mix  A+B:  38.7% Solids content by volume mix A+B+C:  12.3%

* The value is purely indicative and can slightly change according to the colour ; one more coat can be needed to obtain the correct covering power (evaluate by preliminary applications on spray-out cards)                     (shouldn’t the covering power be attained, apply one more coat)             

Over coating/Polishing:

The product  must be over coated with one of the ISOFAN MARINE clearcoat range. Before applying the clearcoat wipe the surface with a tack rag removing any overspray. Check the surface and remove any dirt by sanding with ultrafine sand paper and by applying the basecoat in a mist-coat before applying the clearcoat. Polishing can be carried out only on the clearcoat after it is suitably dry. Where some touch-ups are needed apply the basecoat again after verifying that the paint has dried enough by touching the paint edge. After applying the basecoat wait a few minutes and verify that no wrinkles and/or no absorption have appeared. To thin the basecoat it is recommended to use SM00715 FAST THINNER and to apply very thin mist-coats. This avoids attacking the underlying basecoat. After the basecoat has dried apply two coats of clearcoat again, by reducing the overspray in the fade-out zone using EL085 ENERGY SPRAY LINE FADE-OUT BLENDER.