Zucchini MS super fast

Zucchini MS super fast is een structurele lijm/kit met een hoge prestatie en snelle grip. - Zeer snel drogend. - Makkelijk te verwerken. - Overschilderbaar na enkelen minuten. - hoge treksterkte en een uitstekende weerstand tegen extreme mechanische belasting. - Grote hechting op een breed assortiment van materialen zonder primer. - Uitstekende U.V. en weer bestendigheid. - Geheel Isocyanaat (zuurrest) vrij. - Geheel oplosmiddel vrij. - Nagenoeg geen krip na uitharding. - Verkrijgbaar in Wit.

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Moisture curing one-part neutral sealant based on MS PolymerTM, with high initial grip.
Fast setting, with high cohesive ability immedialety after extrusion, has excellent adhesion to a great variety of surfaces.
MS Super FAST produces high-performance seals and elastic joints.
Especially suited to produce elastic bonding joints, can be used as a sealant.
• Solventless and free from isocyanate.
• Virtually not shrinking.
• Flexible at low (–40°C) and high (+ 120°C) temperatures.
• Neutral reaction, odourless.
• Very fast curing.
• Compatible with most paint systems.
• Overpaintable soon after skin formation, without any negative effects on hardening of the sealant and the properties
of the paint.
• Very good adhesion to a wide number of substrates.
• Very good resistance to ageing and to UV Radiation.
• Pasty appearance and extremely reduced grip time.

Typical uses:

• Bonding of strengthening ribs on metal plates and fibreglass plates, and generally on most structures subject to continuous
vibrations or between materials with very different thermal expansion.
• Bonding of metal, plastic and fibreglass profiles in the assembly of containers, camper, vans and other means of transportation.
• Assembly of insulating panels.
• Gluing of panels made of steel, painted metals, plastic laminate, uPVC and other plastics, to frames and metal structures.
• For bonding overlaps between metal sheets or metals and other surfaces onto which is not possible to realise weldings or
mechanical fixing in building, means of transport, metal carpentry.
• For bonding metal profiles (U) onto glasses, plastic sheets, metal panels in refrigeration industry, refrigerators, furnishing,
means of transport.
• Insulation and covering of containers and vans.
• High modulus elastic sealant suitable to seal materials sensitive to acid and to plasticizers such as marble, granite, sandstone.